Is Dental Implant Surgery Needed?

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Are you missing a tooth or many teeth? Does it make you feel insecure about your smile? If yes, you can now restore your teeth with dental implants that look, feel, and function just like natural teeth.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are permanent tooth replacement option that can replace missing teeth. Dental implants consist of artificial tooth roots surgically placed in your jawbone, which creates a permanent and strong foundation for your replaced teeth. Unlike traditional options, dental implants don’t slip, slide or fall out as they are the only option that provides a replacement for the lost root as well.

Dental implants can avoid different dental issues that you might face with missing teeth, such as malocclusion, a shift in your bite, and a deteriorating jawbone. This will not only affect your oral health but cause major issues in your overall health as well.

When Are Dental Implants Needed?

There are different options when it comes to replacing missing teeth. However, dentures and bridges are placed on the gum line and don’t provide support to the jawbone, which can continue deterioration.

  • Missing Teeth

If you have missing teeth or teeth, you can opt for dental implants as they are a natural-looking option and fill the gap. They are embedded into your jaw and won’t move once placed. If you get your dental implants from Shreveport, LA, you can be assured it will be the best tooth replacement option that’s permanent and will match your natural smile.

  • Loose Dentures

If you suffer from loose dentures, it can give you trouble while doing your daily activities like eating, talking, or even refrain you from smiling. Unlike dentures, dental implants are fixed to your jawbone and won’t slip or slide. You can now eat what you like and you don’t have to hide your smile anymore.

  • Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction will be performed in case of an infected tooth that is beyond repair. Dental implants can replace your missing teeth and don’t need extra maintenance, you can take care of them just like natural teeth. You can brush and floss regularly and you can be sure that you will have long-lasting implants.

  • Collapse In Facial Structure

If you have missing teeth, that are left untreated or if you opt for dentures, you might end up with a facial structure that’s sunken in. You might face bone loss and your jaw bone will deteriorate, which will ruin your facial structure. This will make you look older than you are affecting your self-confidence. Dental implants are the best solution to preserve your facial structure and support your jawbone. It will also give you a more youthful appearance.

Dental Implants In Shreveport, LA

If you are looking for a permanent, reliable, and comfortable tooth replacement option, dental implants from Shreveport, LA, are the best choice for you! At Scruggs Family Dentistry, our experts will make sure to help you throughout the procedure and ensure you will have a successful recovery. Contact us to get the best dental implants in Shreveport, LA.