Say Goodbye to Tooth Pain

Say Goodbye to Tooth Pain

Call our dentist office in Shreveport, LA for emergency dental services

If your tooth won’t stop aching and the pain is driving you crazy, you can find relief at Scruggs Family Dentistry. We provide emergency dental services in Shreveport, LA. Our emergency dental services cover tooth aches, crown recementation, broken tooth repairs, denture adjustments and more.

Schedule your emergency dental exam now, and get seen by a dentist on the same day. After your exam, we’ll determine the best course of action to take to resolve your dental problem. If your pain is severe, we’ll give you an antibiotic prescription as well.

Don’t wait to get your teeth fixed. The problem will most likely worsen and cause more pain. Call Scruggs Family Dentistry today at 318-798-2008 to schedule emergency dental services.

Why is it important to see a dentist right away?

It’s important to see the dentist when you have mouth or tooth pain because:

  • Your broken tooth could become infected
  • Your tooth decay could enter a nerve
  • A dentist can identity life threatening problems
  • It can save you money on costly dental procedures in the long run
  • The problem could worsen and cause permanent tooth or jaw damage

Maintain good oral health with help from Scruggs Family Dentistry. Make an appointment today if you need emergency dental services in Shreveport, LA.