Ask Your Shreveport Dentist: 3 Ways Mouthguards Protect You When You Play Sports

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If you participate in a contact sport, like football, basketball, or soccer, having a mouthguard is a must. Even those who take part in sports where contact with a ball is possible, as well as skateboarders, BMX bikers, and those who rollerblade can benefit from the from a protective mouthpiece, limiting the chance of serious injury or tooth damage.

Mouthguards are made of strong, flexible materials that are designed to protect your teeth, gums, and jaw in case of an impact. If you’re wondering how a mouthguard can protect you while playing sports, here are three of the primary ways.

  1. Absorb Force

Any impact to the face or jaw involves force. A mouthguard absorbs some of the energy, ensuring the potential harm caused by the impact is limited.

For example, a mouthguard can keep your teeth from being slammed together thanks to its cushioning effect. Mouthguards can also prevent certain serious head injuries, including decreasing the chances of having a jaw fracture and even protecting against neck trauma.

  1. Prevent Broken Teeth

Another benefit of using a mouthguard is its ability to distribute any energy directed at the teeth. For example, if you are hit in the mouth with a baseball, the mouthguard spreads out the effect of the impact. This can prevent broken teeth by limiting the chances that a single tooth will take the full brunt of the blow.

  1. Stop Lip and Tongue Injuries

Mouthguards completely cover the upper teeth, creating a functional barrier between your teeth and the rest of your mouth. This can decrease the likelihood of lip and tongue injuries by making it harder for your teeth to cut your lip or bite into your tongue.

With a custom mouthguard, you can make sure that you get a quality, comfortable fit. Your custom mouthguard won’t impede your ability to take part in your favorite activities while providing you with the highest level of protection.

If you need a mouthguard, your Shreveport dentist can make sure you get the ideal one based on your needs. Schedule your appointment with our dental office today and see how the right mouthguard can make all of the difference.

Why is having a mouthguard important?

Your smile is worth protecting whether you’re eight or eighty. Check out this video from the American Dental Association to see why having a mouth guard is important in helping to protect your mouth and smile: