From general dentistry wellness, to perfecting cosmetic imperfections, to restoring implants and filings, to those painful oral emergencies—Scruggs Family Dentistry has you covered.

All of our locations offer comprehensive services, with compassionate care, at transparent pricing and need.

Routine Dental Care

Routine dental exams are important to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Additionally, they can help to avoid the financial costs associated with problems that may persist or worsen over time resulting in larger and more expensive problems later on.

Teeth Whitening

There are many teeth whitening products out there to help you achieve the brilliant, bright smile you are looking to achieve.

From in-office professionally applied whitening solutions to custom and convenient at-home whitening products – we can ensure your smile stays bright and beautiful!

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular and effective way to replace missing, broken or discolored teeth to restore a smile’s appearance and confidence.

Dentures & Bridges

All of our patients are unique and we create one-of-a-kind denture and bridge solutions that feel good and look natural.

Kid-Friendly Dentistry

A child’s first visit to the dentist should be comfortable and enjoyable. Our staff and facility is kid and family-friendly to ensure healthy habits including seeing the dentist start early!


Our dentists offer dental fillings to treat damaged teeth. Tooth-colored fillings are a popular choice to ensure filled teeth blend in with other teeth.


There are times when it is necessary to remove a tooth including space issues with wisdom teeth. Our team of doctors can assess the need for an extraction and keep patients comfortable during and after the procedure.

Emergency Dental Care

If you experience a dental emergency, be sure to call our practice as soon as possible.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown restores a tooth’s shape, size, and strength improving the appearance and functionality of a tooth.

Invisalign® + Invisalign® Teen

Consider Invisalign® to get the beautiful straight teeth you have always dreamed of – without metal braces.

Facial Aesthetics (Botox & Fillers)

We specialize in the safe, effective application of top brand products, designed to reduce and remove lines and wrinkles or the face and neck.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are an incredibly thin plastic coating that we brush onto the chewing surfaces of your molars or back teeth. We do so to prevent tooth decay.

Treatment Of Cracked Teeth

If you have a cracked tooth, it is important to assess your options right away. A cracked tooth that is not treated may result in the loss of the tooth. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential to saving these teeth.

Inlays And Onlays

Inlays and onlays are restorative dentistry treatments used to repair moderate damage to the back teeth after treatment for decay. Inlays cover the chewing surfaces of a tooth, while onlays extend beyond the pointed cusps and down the sides of a tooth. Our inlays and onlays are created using tooth-colored materials in order to blend flawlessly with surrounding teeth.