Questions to Ask a New Dentist

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Whether you’ve moved or your old dentist has retired, or it just feels like the right time for a new start, finding a new dentist for your family can be hard! Here are some questions to ask a new dentist to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Do You Have Openings for New Patients?

Many wonderful dentists are fully booked months ahead of time, so one of the first questions to ask a new dentist is to find out their availability. If you really like a dentist, but they aren’t accepting new patients, you can always ask if they have a wait list that they could add you to. But it’s also never a good idea to put off dental care, so it’s important to start with a dentist that is available in the near future.

Do You Accept My Insurance?

If you have a dental insurance plan, it’s always a great idea to ask a new dentist if they accept your insurance and are within your network. You can also begin your search by checking with your insurance company to find out which dentists in your area are within their coverage.

How Long Have You Been Practicing Dentistry?

Experience can make a big difference towards instilling trust and guaranteeing the results you desire, especially when you want specialty or cosmetic work done on your smile. It can also be helpful to read reviews online or ask for pictures of previous work.

What Happens Next and How Much Will it Cost?

If you’re visiting a dentist because of a concern or issue that needs to be addressed, questions to ask a new dentist should center around how that issue will be taken care of. It’s important for a provider to establish trust by giving you as much information as they have available. Don’t hesitate to express yourself if you have concerns! The right dentist will be glad that you care so much about your dental health.

Do You Have Experience with Special Conditions?

If you are concerned about any unique challenges such as health issues, mental or cognitive conditions, or other factors, don’t hesitate to bring these up to a new dentist! The right dentist for you and your family will make you feel comfortable and confident about the care that they will provide in every circumstance.

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