Stress and Teeth Grinding

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One of the most often mentioned contributing factors to teeth grinding, or bruxism, is stress. Stress and Teeth Grinding go hand in hand, and so to reduce and address the stress may also help to reduce and address the teeth grinding. Reducing stress is easier said than done in some cases, but there are a variety of simple things you can do to help cope and manage stress and take a little of it off of your beautiful smile.

Cut Down on Stimulants

Stimulants like tobacco, or caffeine can affect stress and teeth grinding. Reducing these stimulants could be helpful in not increasing feelings of stress or anxiety. A bonus is that many drinks which contain caffeine can be hard on your teeth in other ways. In general cutting down on both of these can affect your oral health for the better, and may also have the benefit of impacting your stress and teeth grinding.

Relax a Little

Finding ways to cope with stress could include finding time to meditate, or do Yoga, to help your mind and body take a break. Other stress reducers can include going for a walk, hiking, or other general exercise. Listening to calming music during these activities may further the feeling of relaxation and rest.
Another activity that may help reduce stress and find better ways to cope would be to begin talk therapy. This can help you evaluate many ways to reduce and address stress in your life, and help you find coping techniques that would help you to avoid the harmful effects of stress and teeth grinding.

There are support options

Stress is not the only cause of teeth grinding, and so while we may think of stress and teeth grinding together, there can be other causes that your dentist can help you identify and treat. Reducing stress may not be the only means that can lessen teeth grinding, and so while reducing stress can help immensely, it is always good to discuss with a dentist your concerns regarding bruxism and whether or not they can help.

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