Before Your Dental Insurance Runs Out

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Dental insurance can have a lot of advantages and it’s important to make the most of them. Many people don’t know that a lot of dental insurance benefits expire at the end of each year before the plans renew for the next year. Here’s what you need to know before your dental insurance runs out.

You Could Be Missing Out on Free Cleanings

Most dental insurance plans cover two exams and cleanings per year, so it’s important to get those done before your dental insurance runs out at the end of the year. Dentists typically recommend cleanings every 6 months for healthy patients. Putting off those cleanings can actually cause you to miss out on cleanings that are covered by your insurance. These cleanings are preventative and can save you from having issues in the future. Why not get them while they’re covered, before your dental insurance runs out, rather than potentially having to pay for them out of pocket later?

The 100-80-50 Plan

Many insurance companies structure their coverage around what’s called a 100-80-50 plan. What that means is that they provide 100% coverage for preventative care, 80% coverage for basic procedures such as filling cavities, and only 50% coverage for more serious treatments such as root canals or tooth removals. What this means for you is that prevention and early treatment is crucial to making the most of your plan. Taking advantage of your benefits each year can go a long way towards saving you money and stress in the future.

Matching Maximum Payouts

Insurance companies often promise a maximum payout limit annually that is lost at the end of the year if it is not used up completely. Contact your insurance or read up on the paperwork to find out what the maximum payout limit is with your plan. This way you can make use of that maximum payout before your dental insurance runs out and the money available to you expires at the end of the year.

Your Dentist Can Help

Your dentist can be a great help to you in discovering how to make the most of your insurance benefits. Talk with your dentist about which treatments or other dental care they recommend for you. Learning about the optimum level of care you should receive for your teeth can be a helpful tool to compare with your insurance plan’s coverage benefits so you can maximize the plan’s allowance before your dental insurance runs out each year.

You deserve the best care and both your dentist and dental insurance are designed to help you obtain that, so make the most of them! What better way to greet the new year than with a healthy, bright, and happy smile!

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