How to Maintain Good Oral Health

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Everyone wants a healthy and beautiful smile that reflects who they are. To maintain good oral health, simple diligence and self discipline every day goes a long way.

Dental Hygiene

Taking time to properly brush and floss twice a day, being thorough and reaching every area is the beginning of maintaining good oral health. Use fluoridated toothpaste, floss, and wait an hour to brush after consuming sugary or acidic foods. These simple steps protect your enamel and may reduce decay.

Healthy Diet

Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy such as yogurt, milk, or cheese, and lots of nuts, whole grains, can support and maintain good oral health. Crunchy fibrous fresh fruits and vegetables keep teeth cleaner, while calcium in dairy helps build strong bones. Beverages such as water can keep the mouth moist and wash away food and debris that contribute to plaque build up. Tea and green tea can discourage bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Avoid Sugar

Avoiding sugary energy drinks, sticky sweets, and excess amounts of sugar can help maintain good oral health, by keeping your mouth clean and healthy. Focus instead on plentiful amounts of water, some tea, and avoid options like red wine or coffee which can stain your teeth. Acidic foods or foods high in sugar can increase risk of tooth decay.

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