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Do you want to restore your smile? Have damaged teeth affected your facial structure? Then having dental crowns is the correct solution for you. With the help of dental crowns, you can protect, as well as restore and cover the shape of your teeth even when dental fillings can help you out. If your tooth is completely broken, the dental crown helps you to hide it, for the nerves of the broken tooth often tend to become exposed and you experience a toothache. Come let’s explore the differences between crowns, inlays, and Onlays so that we acquire clarity about these aspects when acquiring dental care. 

What Are Crowns, Inlays, And Onlays


One of the major purposes of dental crowns is to be able to get a facilitating foundation that will help you to easily cover more space in comparison to a dental filling. It has often been found that, when people experience tooth decay, they tend to carry out the dental filling to avoid the pain of dental crowns. This is a misconception that is often found to be prevalent, and it eventually causes complications. Thus in case of decayed teeth, you must get a dental crown done. With a longevity quotient of over 15 years, dental crowns are essentially placed on the top of your damaged teeth. This is considered to be an amazing solution to resolve tooth problems that are based on getting long-term results. 


It is often referred to as indirect fillings and is a way to restore your teeth that are badly decayed. It is however considered to be strong and natural, while it is considered to be more conservative to use it on the back teeth of your mouth. The presence of dental inlays fully restores your chewing ability. This is further responsible for strengthening your tooth that has been weakened due to decay. Similar to dental crowns, the longevity of dental inlays is over 20-30 however, you need to maintain proper oral hygiene while having them. 


Dental inlays are found to be the indirect restoration of your teeth. It is essentially made by taking the impression of your damaged teeth. Such propositions are found to have a durable solution in comparison to other traditional ones. 

Differences Between Crowns, Inlays, And Onlays 

A major difference between a dental inlay and only is that inlays are found to fill the area between cusps. Whereas in the context of dental onlays, it tends to cover the cusps of the tooth only. Apart from this, dental crowns and Onlays only cover the tooth cusp but crowns are used on the surface of the tooth to prevent it from getting exposed to bacteria. In comparison to a dental crown, dental inlays tend to involve lesser levels of aggressive restorations of your teeth. However, it is also believed that the use of inlays is also performed since they can fill larger cavities and are found to have a higher durability quotient. 

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It is believed that the primary purpose of dental crowns is to be able to restore and cover the shape of your teeth. Once you face a decayed tooth, there is no going back, for you need to consult with your dentist right away! If you are still worried about where to get a dental crown, contact the leading dentists in Shreveport and schedule an appointment